Upon meeting Dan, even before we had our first coaching session, I felt sense of calm that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I was at a place in my life where I was feeling good about a lot of things, though I was also craving more balance on various levels. Over the course of us working together, Dan helped me uncover aspects of myself that I knew were always there, but needed a little bit of fine-tuning. Even more significantly, he was a guide and sounding board through some of the most significant life changes that I have ever been through; one, after another, after another. Dan imparts so much personalization and care in everything that he does, and I feel so lucky to have his authentic vision for me and my “new” life as a vehicle to propel my continual growth.


Sat down with a Life Coach yesterday. Dan Lewis is really good. Helps you with “Your Next Big Thing.” Highly recommend giving him a call 708-209-5670. In just a few minutes, I was able to get clear on a lot of critical issues! Thanks Dan!
Linda, Entrepreneur


Few coaches actually possess the ability to achieve lasting results. Daniel Lewis is one of the few! Daniel’s keen insight, unbreakable commitment, unwavering compassion and genuine clarity, makes long-term change for his client possible.
CJ, Entrepreneur and Coach


Each time Dan effectively connects with you creating an atmosphere of trust and respect; he is able to capture the underlying essence of a problem or conflict and reframes it in a way that it CAN be solved. His approach is resourceful and consistently succeeds to empower his clients. If you are looking to expand your support system to get you where you want to be, Dan can guide you along the way.
Lorena, Project Manager.


That was GREAT. Feel like you pried open a sealed chamber, cleared out all the fetid air, and brought in some refreshing breezes – along with some much-needed sunshine. Thank you so much!!!


I feel so lucky to have met Dan Lewis and his life coaching business. In the time I’ve been coached by Dan my whole mentality has shifted to an area I didn’t know was possible. I started trying new things again rather than living the same mundane life I had in the past. I started switching my focus from “that isn’t possible” to “why noti give it a shot?” I started playing sports again and spending more time with friends rather than saying I don’t have time for that. All of my relationships have gotten stronger and I feel less overwhelmed when my schedule demands fitting 100 hours into a 24 hour day. And I’ve been able to do all of this while getting my business to take off. For so long I had been worried about getting my business out of survival mode that I thought more time spent on it was the key. I had no idea my energy was being spent everywhere but where it should’ve been. Dan’s essence training has helped me become more conscious in my thoughts and make decisions that help me feel more well-rounded. He understands that my business and personal lives are equally important. In order to thrive in anything I do, neither can be neglected because it will affect the other.
Life coaching is hard to explain to someone because you can’t really fully grasp the concept until you experience it. I was skeptical when I first started because I wasn’t sure what it was all about, but now it’s the one thing I keep constant, and schedule everything else around. Dan’s approach is professional yet personal. I’ve always left our weekly meetings feeling refreshed with energy that gives me fuel for the week ahead.