Transformative coaching empowers you to shift . . .


What is the SOURCE of your everyday actions and reactions? Is it your habitual ways of being based in survival thinking? Or is it the authentic, powerful essence of you?


What are the old STORIES you tell yourself that keep you limited, contained, and disempowered? Coaching enables you to step into a new empowering story.


Do you spend your days simply fixing, mitigating or avoiding problems? Discover the deeper, inspiring PURPOSE — unique to you — that ignites your brilliance.


We all live in invisible, INTERPRETIVE BOXES that make some things possible and others impossible. Step outside your box and make the impossible happen.

Coaching isn’t first about having more or doing more. It’s about BEING more. Who do you have to BE to create the life you want?

Hear what my clients have to say:

Few coaches actually possess the ability to achieve lasting results. Daniel Lewis is one of the few! Daniel’s keen insight, unbreakable commitment, unwavering compassion and genuine clarity, makes long-term change for his client possible.


Upon meeting Dan, even before we had our first coaching session, I felt sense of calm that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. He was a guide and sounding board through some of the most significant life changes that I have ever been through; one, after another, after another. Dan imparts so much personalization and care in everything that he does, and I feel so lucky to have his authentic vision for me and my “new” life as a vehicle to propel my continual growth.


That was GREAT. Feel like you pried open a sealed chamber, cleared out all the fetid air, and brought in some refreshing breezes – along with some much-needed sunshine. Thank you so much!!!


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